Dream Ami Gets Tiny In The Adorable MV For “Wonderland”

dream ami wonderland

Dream Ami goes tiny in the adorable MV for the song titled Wonderland.

Out October 24th, the single will be released in 2 editions: Limited and Regular.

After releasing the adorable and robot-packed MV for NEXT, it seems like Dream Ami is going for a more colorful release with the title track of her latest single.

Taking place in a giant set full of props, we get to see as Ami goes through a daily day of being a doll. She hangs a giant t-shirt to dry, she cooks with a giant fork, and she plays tennis, all while acting like a doll with jerky movements. It’s a fun MV that’s sure to please those who prefer a more upbeat and cute release.

But, what about the song? Is it as adorable as the MV? Absolutely! Wonderland fits the visuals perfectly, with the pastel colors matching the upbeat instrumental. Ami’s vocals are top notch, and they are easy to appreciate because the instrumental is not too complicated.

Get ready for a colorful and adorable release below!

Dream Ami

dream ami wonderland cover limited
Limited (CD+DVD)


dream ami wonderland cover regular
Regular (CD Only)


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