E-girls Do Cute Couple Things In The MV For “Perfect World”

e-girls perfect world

E-girls do cute couple things in the MV for their 23rd digital single titled Perfect World.

Out October 3rd, the track will be the theme song for the movie Perfect World Kun to Iru Kiseki.

E-girls tend to go for releases that are packed full of intricate settings and shots. But, they’re doing something different with their release for Perfect World.

In this release, we get to see the members as they spend time with a faceless boyfriend doing cute couple things. They lay down together, they try out clothes, and they sing to a camera while a song plays, which are all typical things you do when you’re spending time with that special someone.

The visuals are amazing, with the lighting being one of the best parts of this release. It has a subdued look to it that is not too bright, making it perfect to enjoy while the powerful ballad plays in the background. Of course, the dance moves are all top notch as well, giving us that classic E-girls style that is hard to imitate.

In a perfect world you’d already be seeing this MV, so make sure to do that below!

Perfect World

e-girls perfect world cover

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