LADYBABY Want You To Bite Them In The MV For “bite me”

ladybaby 2018

LADYBABY want you to bite them again in the full version of the MV for bite me.

Out now, the track is part of their latest single titled Hoshi no Nai Sora.

With the departure of Kuromiya Rei, there came a big change to the group in the form of a new lineup and a new single titled Hoshi no Nai Sora released back in May. Well, it seems like we’re still getting promotion for that release in the form of a new MV which is something I’m totally fine with.

Taking place in a fluffy and fantasy-like bedroom, we get to see the members as they do cute stuff. From singing to the camera, laying in bed together, and just spending time together, there’s something there for everyone to enjoy.

Is it simple? Of course, but at least we get a video to enjoy for this catchy song. Speaking of the song, it’s classic LADYBABY with a strong rock sound in the instrumental. Add some screams and vocals from Kaneko Rie and you have yourself an amazing release that LADYBABY fans have enjoyed for months.

Enjoy this MV if you haven’t already!

bite me (Full.ver)

ladybaby hoshi no nai sora cover limited


ladybaby hoshi no nai sora cover regular