LADYBABY Get Heavy With Their New Lineup In “Hoshi no Nai Sora”

ladybaby 2018

LADYBABY get heavy with their new lineup in the MV for their new single titled Hoshi no Nai Sora.

Out May 30th, the single will be released in 2 editions: Limited (CD+DVD) and Regular (CD Only).

After Kuromiya Rei left LADYBABY, many fans were left wondering what would happen to the group. Was this the end? Would Kaneko Rie call it quits? Thankfully, that didn’t happen. She went through a weird artistic phase and later LADYBABY reformed with new members. The result of the long wait for new music can only be described as amazing.

The MV is simple. All of the members dance on a dark stage and wear black outfits. But, it’s the song that takes the cake for this release. It’s incredibly heavy, with Arima Emily taking over the screaming vocals while the other members sing along to the song with clean vocals.

It’s the best example of what this group is capable of, taking the concept of LADYBABY from “cutecore” to “idolcore”. Some might call this move a bit too similar to other idolcore groups such as PASSCODE. But, it’s honestly a great song and one that fans are sure to adore since it shows off the power of the current lineup perfectly.

Check out the MV below and grab a copy of their single below to show your support!

Hoshi no Nai Sora

ladybaby hoshi no nai sora cover limited


ladybaby hoshi no nai sora cover regular