LADYBABY’s Kaneko Rie Is Starting A New Project Called “trolleattroll”

trolleattroll kaneko rie ladybaby

The Idol Formerly Known as LADYBABY member Kaneko Rie has announced the start of a new project called trolleattroll.

Kaneko Rie has been in a tough situation lately, with the announcement of Kuromiya Rei announcing her departure from LADYBABY. At that time, Kaneko stated that she wanted to put that group on hiatus until she got her thoughts in order.

Thankfully we now have some news about her future activities and it seems like she’s taking a break from the idol life to explore her creative and adult side. According to Kaneko, this project was made to record her growth as she says goodbye to her 19 year old self and becomes a 20 year old adult.

It’s a unique project and one that already has a track for fans to enjoy titled lost. In it we get to see Rie as she sings and slowly gets wet and dry during various parts of the video. Insert a few random visual effects and images of flowers and you’ll have a very interesting video that is … definitely something else.

The big question is, will this affect LADYBABY? We don’t know, but this project is focused more on showing off her more adult side and her ability to be an artist, which is a pretty cool thing to do.

Those who are curious about this new project are encouraged to follow her Soundcloud and other links at the end of this post. Check out this interesting MV below!


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