Morning Musume ’18 Announce Their 65th Single

morning musume 18

Morning Musume ’18 has announced the release of their 65th single titled Are you Happy? / A gonna.

Out June 13th, the single will be released in 5 editions: SP, 2 Regular, and 2 Limited.

This will be the last single to feature Ogata Haruna, who recently announced her decision to graduate on June 20th.

Like most Hello! Project releases, the limited editions of the single will feature the music videos on DVDs along with the CD. The SP version of this single will feature a DVD with the dance shot versions of the MVs and the CD. The Regular version of the release will only feature a CD.

Fans who have gone to Momusu’s spring concert tour have already had a chance to listen to both of these songs. But, the rest of us will have to wait for the MVs and radio rips to appear in order to better appreciate the songs.

As for the titles, it’s interesting to see them go for an all-English title for this release. Despite the weird sounding A gonna track, it seems like we’re in for a pretty interesting single.

Make sure to stay tuned for more information about the covers, MVs, and more!

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