ZOC Debut In Their Explosive MV For “ZOC Jikken Shitsu”

zoc oomori seiko

ZOC, also known as Zone of Control, show off their debut MV for ZOC Jikken Shitsu.

Released earlier this week, ZOC comes from the master mind of Oomori Seiko who finally decides to try out this idol thing with a unique twist.

In fact, there’s a large description in the video that basically calls this idol group a big change to the typical formula, with girls who are self-sustaining and independent instead of innocent (Zone of Control). Add in the fact that the members are all from Miss iD 2017/2018 and that they are numbered ZOC 000 – 006 and you have a pretty unique group.

So, how are they? Pretty awesome actually, with a strong rock sound and intense dance moves that take place throughout the simple MV. Yes, the MV is not complicated with only a variety of lights adding in some variety but the song carries the entire video perfectly.

This is an amazing start to what can potentially become one of the biggest groups in the idol scene. Make sure to check it out below and give the video a like!

ZOC Jikken Shitsu