Maison book girl Visit A Hospital In The Rainy MV For “Okaeri Sayonara”

maison book girl yume

Maison book girl visit a hospital in the rainy MV for their track titled Okaeri Sayonara.

Out November 21st, the track is part of their new album titled yume.

Trying to explain a Maison book girl MV is difficult, but thankfully the latest MV is a bit less artistic compared to their other releases.

The MV features a variety of scenes, but the ones that stand out the most are the scenes of rain, members holding umbrellas, and scenes of the members in hospital gowns. It’s an eventful release, with the members even crying at one point as they watch a movie (a reliving of their life as they lay in the hospital perhaps?), which makes for the perfect visuals for the song.

Speaking of the song, if you’d think they would change their music style then you’re completely wrong. As soon as the first note strikes you immediately can tell that it feels like Maison book girl. Is that bad? Not at all, especially since there is a bit of a variety with the rain in there but having a bit of a different style would be a fun experiment.

Make sure to check out this MV below since it’s a treat!

Okaeri Sayonara
Maison book girl

maison book girl yume cover
Limited (w/Blu-ray)


maison book girl yume cover


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