Oyasumi Hologram Head To The Beach In The MV For “fire”

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Oyasumi Hologram head to the beach in the MV for fire.

Out now, the track is their latest digital single release and is available on digital platforms.

Oyasumi Hologram is preparing for their tour around the US in a few weeks, and it seems like they’re celebrating with the release of a new digital single titled fire.

In typical Oyasumi Hologram fashion, we get to enjoy a rather chill and somber release for fans to enjoy. It’s that special sound that fits in so well with the scenes we get to enjoy, including some shots of the duo on the beach, walking down a highway with umbrellas, as well as hanging out on a giant tower.

If you’re getting some deja vu from that tower, you’re not alone. It seems like PassCode used the same tower in the MV for Tonight which is pretty awesome for fans of the group and for fans of outlandish architecture with great views. Apart from that, the rest of the MV is pretty trippy and a treat to enjoy because of how well the music fits in with the visuals.

Sit back and enjoy this release because we are in for some great Oyasumi Hologram goodness. Also, if you’re in the areas listed below, make sure to go to their lives because it is sure to be an amazing night!

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