Oyasumi Hologram Announce Crowdfunding For US Tour

oyasumi hologram ghost rider

Oyasumi Hologram have announced the start of crowdfunding for a west to east coast US tour.

The tour will take place from November 1st – 11th.

Crowdfunding for this tour will take place through Campfire, a site that appears to be Kickstarter but Japanese, which means that there are several goals and goods you can get depending on how much you pledge.

Among the goods there are a US tour DVD, brochure, t-shirt, souvenirs from the members, letters from the members, and a US tour limited 3rd EP titled 27. Details for this EP will be released in September.

The use of crowdfunding is something that has grown in popularity, with groups such as Burst Girl using it as a show of support to their music. Thankfully, the reaction to this campaign has been positive, with the goal being 67% of the way there already thanks to 35 patrons.

Will they meet their goal? Time will tell, although the duo have 39 days left so it’s safe to say we’ll be seeing both of them soon. If you’re able to donate please do so to bring this fun duo over to the US!

Camp Fire Donation Page | Natalie.mu


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