969 Take Hardcore To A Whole New Level In The MV For “A NEW LEVEL”

969 idol

969 take hardcore to a whole new level in the MV for A NEW LEVEL.

Out August 22nd, the track is part of their self-titled 1st album.

Are you into PassCode? How about Broken By The Scream? Well, you’re going to love 969. This group of four idols are taking idol hardcore music to an interesting and intense new level with their latest MV.

Taking place mainly on a stage, the MV flashes with filters and visual effects that make for a fun addition to the intense music. In fact, the music is so intense that it leads to a variety of fans popping up out of nowhere before jumping around and pumping their fists to the beat of the music.

Make sure to check them out below, and why not grab a copy of their album while you’re down there? If it’s as good as this track I’m sure it’s sure to be a hit!


969 1st album cover


969 OHP