Shuukan Idol – Oyasumi Edition

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In this week’s Shuukan Idol, we have a handful of new MVs from CY8ER, Oyasumi Hologram, and 969. We also have a crowdfunded US tour, graduations from Keyakizaka46 and Malcolm Mask McLaren, and more in our 8 highlights of the week!


> 969 take hardcore to a whole new level in the MV for A NEW LEVEL

Hardcore idol groups are becoming even more common nowadays and I’m happy as can be for that. Take 969 for example, they have an interesting name and an even more interesting sound that combines hardcore with idol vocals and a member who does screaming vocals. Check out their MV and grab a copy of their debut album if you’re into them!

> Oyasumi Hologram announce crowdfunding for US tour

It’s not everyday that smaller groups from Japan come to the US. So color me surprised when I saw that Oyasumi Hologram were not only planning on coming to the US, but were doing so completely with support from their fans. It’s a fun way to get fans involved and a cool way to build up hype for their tour!

> Momoiro Clover Z announce 5 digital singles, release Re:Story MV

What’s better than 1 Momoclo song? One each month, for a total of 5. Yes, we have to wait for them to be released but having one each month helps spread out the joy. That being said, there’s a fun new MV to enjoy from the first one and this one is a treat. It’ll take you back to the good ol’ days, where finding an elf in the middle of a forest was something normal.

> Oyasumi Hologram go on a night ride in the MV for ghost rider

It’s been an active week for Oyasumi Hologram. In fact, it’s been so active that we need to chill a bit. Thankfully we get to do that in their latest MV where the duo takes us on a night ride as they sing along to their latest song. It’s a fun release and one that’s best enjoyed when you need to space out.

> CY8ER enjoy a rainy night out in the MV for Kataomoiwazurai

CY8ER have been busy busting out MVs and their latest one is a treat. In it, we get to see the members as they sing while carrying umbrellas in the middle of the rain. It’s a bit mellow at times, but the heavy beats here and there add a fun contrast that’s well worth checking out.

> PassCode announce their 4th single titled Tonight/Taking you out

PassCode are by far my favorite group in the alternative idol scene. Their songs are intense and Yuna’s vocals are a delightful combination of angelic screams. Thankfully, we’re getting a few more soon in the form of their first double a-side single. Details are available above, so check them out!

> Keyakizaka46’s Imaizumi Yui is graduating

Keyakizaka46 is one of those groups that has many notable members. Unfortunately, it seems like we’re losing one, Imaizumi Yui. Full details are in the post above, so make sure to check it out. We’ll miss you Yui!

> Malcolm Mask McLaren’s mone and ai are graduating

Unfortunately, MMM fans were in for an eventful week when we got notice that mone and ai, the only remaining founding members of the group, were planning on leaving. It’s a sad occasion, however there is a silver lining. Check out the full post to learn more about the future activities of the group!


This week we have the mistress and their happy-sounding MV titled Would you kill yourself now?

Those who have been around the alternative idol scene might be aware of a group called Mistress. Well, that group disbanded recently and instead of confusing fans they decided to rename the group as the mistress and get a new lineup. Confused? Me too.

So, how is the mistress? Coming from someone who has never heard the original group I have to say that I’m a big fan of this group. They have a harsh digital sound that is a treat to enjoy, even if there’s no screaming vocals (kind of like NEVE SLIDE DOWN).

As for the MV, it’s packed full of dark scenes of a warehouse and scenes of the members with duct tape. It’s an interesting theme and one that fits in nicely with the tone of the song. Yes, there’s not much variety but what’s there is enough for a first MV from a group that has yet to debut.

Make sure to keep an eye on this group because they are sure to be a hit!

Would you kill yourself now?
the mistress

There’s no CD to buy yet, so visit their Youtube channel, subscribe, and give their MV a like to show your support.

That’s it for this week, stay tuned for the next one!