Kamen Joshi’s Igari Tomoka Will Resume Activies In August

igari tomoka kamen joshi

Kamen Joshi’s Igari Tomoka will be resuming her activities this August.

Igari Tomoka was involved in an accident back in April 11th that left both of her legs paralyzed. During a walk, a sign was blown on her due to heavy wind and she was taken to a hospital where they performed emergency surgery on her. She suffered head trauma, leg fractures, damage to her ribs, hip bone, and serious damage to her spine.

According to her doctor, the chance of her recovering her ability to walk are low and will have to be in a wheelchair for the rest of her life.

Despite this, Tomoka revealed that she has been working hard at rehabilitation since that day to once again perform on stage. She will be making her return to stage at Kamen Joshi Cafe in Akihabara during the Kamen Joshi Live which will take place on August 26th.

While the accident might have changed her life, it’s touching to see that Tomoka is not letting her condition restrict her ability to perform. Yes, there are going to be some activities that she won’t be able to perform, but the fact that she worked hard to recover in the past few months shows just how dedicated she is.

I highly encourage everyone who can go to her return event to do so. Her show of dedication is inspiring, and deserves all the support possible from fans. Welcome back Igari Tomoka!


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