Check Out The WACK WAgg Members

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The WACK trainee members called WAgg have been revealed.

The members are:

1st row (L to R): Marin・Ba, Uru・Ru, Uta Uuta, Anzu Pia
2nd row (L to R): Naruha World, Ai, Saya Ito, Hanaemon Star

Here are their Twitter accounts:

They will debut with a live performance called WAgg the beginning which will take place on September 9th. There will be an unknown special guest at that performance.

WACK has been on a roll lately, building an empire of alternative idols rivaling Hello! Project and AKB48. Naturally their next step was to build up a group of trainees and from what we can tell it seems like we’re getting some quality candidates with the classic “Alien eyes, white skin” BiSH look.

So, what kind of music will they be performing on their debut live? We have no idea. They have no music under their wings but we expect to see them cover a variety of WACK classics in their debut performance.

Stay tuned for more information from the WAggs!

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