UP UP GIRLS (2) Get Abducted By A UFO In “Zenbu Seishun!”

up up girls 2 zenbu seishun

UP UP GIRLS (2) get abducted by A UFO in the MV for their 4th single titled Zenbu Seishun!

Out since August 7th, the single will be a double a-side release alongside Angel Enjite 20-nen.

How much do you love green screen? Hopefully a lot, because that’s mostly what we’re getting for UP UP GIRLS (2)’s latest MV.

In it we get to see the girls standing and smiling a tad too close to the camera for most of the MV. It’s adorably uncomfortable at times, but thankfully those scenes are broken up by other shots of them doing a wide variety of things in front of a green screen.

From dancing in front of a space background, to getting abducted by a UFO and flying to mars, it’s a delightfully low budget MV that fits in perfectly with the upbeat rock track. Yes, it’s not something out of this world but it’s a fun and simple song that’ll have you smiling throughout.

Get ready for those extreme close-ups and check out the MV below!

If you haven’t already, check out the fancy MV for Angel Enjite 20-nen!

Zenbu Seishun!

up up girls 2 zenbu seishun cover


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