UP UP GIRLS (2) Get Classy In Their MV For “Angel Enjite 20-nen”

up up girls 2nd zenbu seishun

UP UP GIRLS (2) get classy in the MV for their 4th single titled Angel Enjite 20-nen.

Out August 7th, the single will be a double a-side release alongside Zenbu Seishun!

This is the first release for members Nakagawa Chihiro and Honoka Sasaki who joined the group back in April 2018.

With new members comes the need for a new and epic MV and thankfully that’s exactly what we get. In Angel Enjite 20-nen we get to see the members as they perform in a fairly classy room full of paintings, low-hanging chandeliers, and candles. Each shot is sophisticated and eye catching, making for a delightful MV.

What could be better than that MV? The song. Wow, it’s a good one. It has an instrumental that matches the look of the MV, with a strong electronic feel to it. The vocals are top notch as well, with some added pauses for emphasis that make the song perfect.

Curl up in your fancy bed and enjoy this classy MV below!

Angel Enjite 20-nen

Need some more UP UP GIRLS (2) in your life? Well, here’s the dance shot for their song titled Zenbu Seishun! We’re unsure if we’ll get a proper MV, but it does give us a great look at the outfits and the upbeat song.

Zenbu Seishun

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