Hello! Project Announce Special 20th Anniversary Single Featuring All Members

hello project all stars 2018

Hello! Project have announced the release of a special 20th anniversary single. The single will feature all Hello! Project members in a unit called Hello! Project All Stars.

The groups included in this release are:

  • Morning Musume ’18
  • Juice=Juice
  • Country Girls
  • Kobushi Factory
  • Tsubaki Factory
  • Ichioka Reina group
  • Takase Kurumi / Kiyono Momohime group

Their single will be a triple a-side release titled YEAH YEAH YEAH / Akogare no Stress-free / Hana, Takenawa no Toki. It will be released in 7 editions, with 6 regular editions featuring each group:

  • Regular Edition A: Morning Musume ’18
  • Regular Edition B: ANGERME
  • Regular Edition C: Juice=Juice
  • Regular Edition D: Country Girls
  • Regular Edition E: Kobushi Factory
  • Regular Editon F: Tsubaki Factory.

Apart from the listed tracks, each single will also feature a special song called Hello! History. The Limited edition will feature a DVD with MVs for YEAH YEAH YEAH and Akogare no Stress-free.

Tsunku will be writing and composing the music for YEAH YEAH YEAH / Akogare no Stress-free. However, Hana, Takenawa no Toki will be a cover of the theme song for the film Kita no Sakura Mori which was performed by them back at Hina Fest 2018.

The single will be released on September 26th.

Those of us who have been following Hello! Project for a while are no strangers to the “every single H!P member joins forces” concept. In fact, the group name seems to be an homage to H.P. All Stars, the first “all H!P” group formed back in 2004 featuring Hello! Project Kids, Morning Musume, Country Musume, Melon Kinenbi, and more.

It’s exciting that Hello! Project is once again going for a group made up of every member. The last time we saw this happen was back in 2011 with Hello! Project Mobekimasu. Stay tuned for more details!

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