Keyakizaka46’s Imaizumi Yui Is Graduating

keyakizaka46 imaizumi yui

Keyakizaka46 have announced that member Imaizumi Yui will be graduating from the group.

Yui had been absent from lives and rehearsals since last year. According to her comments, she mentioned that she looked forward to meeting her fans but grew frustrated while at handshake sessions. She felt that if she were to continue it would cause some issues for the group, staff, and fans.

Yui will continue working as a talent after she graduates from the group.

No exact graduation date has been announced, but she will not be participating in the upcoming tour for the group.

It’s sad to see an original member graduate from the group, however, it seems like her reason for graduating is rather unique. Most idols are expected to go to handshake events with a smile, and unfortunately it seems like that is not exactly what Yui wishes to do in her life.

While the announcement is sad, it’s nice to see that Yui will continue her life as a talent. For now, best of luck Imaizumi Yui! | Dwango