Task have Fun Go Full Pink In The MV For “Kedo Hanikami”

task have fun kedo hanikame

Task have Fun go full pink in the colorful MV for their 8th single titled Kedo Hanikami.

Out October 13th, the single will be released in 2 editions.

So, how much do you like the color pink? Hopefully it’s a lot because the latest Task have Fun MV is packed to the brim with the color pink. Literally, every scene has some type of pink in it, whether it be through some pink lights or pink lipstick, which is sure to please many and leave others indifferent.

But, the true gem of this release is the song. The funky instrumental is packed with trumpets and other instruments for a rather catchy and unique release. It’s not our typical Task have Fun song, but it’s one of those releases that you can’t help but hum after listening to it.

The rest of the MV is rather chill and simple, but it’s one of those MVs that fans of the group are encouraged to check out. Make sure to do that below and grab a copy of their 8th single below!

Kedo Hanikami
Task have Fun

task have fun kedo hanikame cover limited


task have fun kedo hanikame cover regular


Task have Fun OHP