notall Challenge Themselves In The MV For “Sono Saki he”

notall semishigure

notall challenge themselves in the MV for Sono Saki he.

So what do these social idols have in store for us today? A fun assortment of challenges and a song that has a ballad touch, which is pretty awesome.

Starting off with the visuals, they’re packed full of variety. We see them doing some personal challenges at times including them touching a bug and eating hot sauce, and then we see them walking in a tunnel and dancing on the beach at sunset. There’s a great amount of shots there and it makes for a fun release that fans are sure to enjoy.

But the song, oh the song is so good. It has a light ballad touch to it but the instrumental makes for a fine treat to enjoy while the members sing. It matches the mood of the scenes of them dancing on the beach, which makes for some impressive shots.

It seems like the song is part of a collaboration with Jam Friend for a CD called JAM FRIEND ~Make you happy~ but we’re unsure if that’s something those of us overseas can enjoy. But, we can at least enjoy this fun MV so make sure to do that below!

Sono Saki he

notall OHP


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