HAMIDASYSTEM is disbanding and reforming with a new lineup


HAMIDASYSTEM have announced that they will be disbanding and reforming with a new lineup.

According to their official announcement, HAMIDASYSTEM members realized that it was difficult to continue activities. After considering what to do as a group and the future of each member, they decided to end activities.

The current HAMIDASYSTEM will disband in March.

Member HASEGAWA BEET mentioned that she wanted to graduate from the group for a long time. But, out of respect she decided to stay until the current lineup disbands. She doesn’t plan on pursuing any entertainment industry activities after she leaves.

MITSUI AMEBA, YOSHIDA SODA, and KOYAMA FLAME will pursue performing arts activities upon leaving the group. More details will be released soon regarding their future activities.

But wait.

The announcement also mentions that after April an all new lineup will replace the current HAMIDASYSTEM. Auditions have already begun, with a page mentioning that they are looking for healthy women (?) that are up to 25 years old to join the new generation of HAMIDASYSTEM.

This announcement is pretty sad since we’ll be losing the current lineup that made HAMIDASYSTEM so great. But, those who enjoy their dreamy music will be relieved (in a small way) that the group will continue in a new form with an all new lineup.

For now, we can’t do much else but encourage those in the area to visit one of their performances before they part ways. Best of luck HAMIDASYSTEM!