THERE THERE THERES are gone gone gone

idol there there theres

THERE THERE THERES have announced that they will be disbanding.

According to the disbandment announcement, the director mentions that it has felt like there is a wall in the group since they formed. After discussing the situation a couple of times over 2 years, they have decided to disband.

THERE THERE THERES will disband at the end of February.

In addition, member Kojima Noe will be graduating on January 20th due to poor physical condition. She joined the group back in May 2018.

While this news is rather surprising it does come with some hope for fans of the THERE THERE THERES. Mei has announced that a new group that will focus more on dancing will be announced near the disbandment date. Activities are planned to start in April but no more details are known about the name of the group.

It is a bitter sweet announcement for those who have followed the group since the Bellring Girls Heart days. In one hand, the disbandment of THERE THERE THERES will mean that we won’t get to enjoy their music. On the other, we already got a mention that there will be another group in a couple of months after the disbandment occurs.

There isn’t much else to do but to encourage those who are interested to go to one of their final shows. We’ll keep an eye out for their new group, but for now best of luck THERE THERE THERES!