SKE48’s Obata Yuna will graduate

ske48 obata yuna

SKE48 Team KII member Obata Yuna has announced that she will be graduating from the group.

The announcement was done during a performance by Team KII on February 12. There she mentioned that she will enjoy her last days as an idol and asked fans to support idol Obata Yuna until the end.

According to a blog entry released later, she mentioned that she was thinking about graduating since last year. She mentions that she felt overworked as an idol at times, and started feeling like she couldn’t continue with half-hearted dedication. She chose to graduate in order to end her idol career with a smile.

Her final performance will be on March 31st, with a final handshake event set for April 6th.

There are no future plans announced for her so it seems to be more of a “I was not too into it” situation, which is completely understandable. Everyone changes and after many years of performing it seems like now is the right time for her to seek other opportunities.

For now, we wish Obata Yuna the best of luck! | SKE48 OHP | SKE48 Blog