Morning Musume ’19 rock out in the live MV for “I surrender Aisaredo Ai”

morning musume 19 20th anniversary

Morning Musume ’19 rock out in the live MV for I surrender Aisaredo Ai.

Out March 20th, the track is part of the album titled Best! Morning Musume. 20th Anniversary.

Live MVs are pretty much boring most of the time. They follow a simple format: A performance of a song we’ve already heard before in front of hundreds of fans waving their light pens as the music plays on top. Yawn.

But, this MV is different.

Many might have heard about the amazing new song that Morning Musume ’19 released a while back. It hasn’t been released yet but the radio rip shows off an intense beat and catchy sound that has caught the hearts of fans all over the world. It can only be described as a youthful song that shows off that Morning Musume ’19 still have what it takes.

You could argue that the live MV is just a concert performance with random effects thrown in and sure, you’d technically be right. But, it’s an awesome song so I’ll let it pass this time.

Give it a listen below, you won’t regret it. Also, if you’re in need of a release that has the best of the best from Morning Musume make sure to grab a copy of that album below. Totally worth it!

I surrender Aisaredo Ai
Morning Musume ’19

morning musume best 20th anniversary cover limited a
Limited A


morning musume best 20th anniversary cover limited b
Limited B


morning musume best 20th anniversary cover regular