SILENT SIREN go vaporwave in the colorful MV for “Koi no Esper”

silent siren 31313

SILENT SIREN go vaporwave in the colorful MV for Koi no Esper.

Out March 13th, the single will be part of their 6th album titled 31313.

Are you in the mood for something that is both playful and completely random? Yes, we’re continuing the “random” theme today with yet another release that shows off the latest from the girl rock group SILENT SIREN.

In it, we get to see the members as they perform in front of a colorful mix of scenes. There are some vaporwave colors thrown in throughout the MV, scenes of fishes, and them trying to bend some spoons with their minds. It’s delightfully fun, which is sure to make anyone want to watch for hours.

But, it’s only 1:25 minutes long so hey, that’s unfortunate.

Koi no Esper is an upbeat rock song that everyone is sure to enjoy. The vocals are pretty well done, with the instrumental showing off just how talented the members are. It’s a bit repetitive after the 2nd chorus, but it works well to show off a lighthearted preview of SILENT SIREN’s 6th album.

Enjoy the vaporwave-y MV below!

Koi no Esper

silent siren 31313 cover limited


silent siren 31313 cover regular