ROSARIO+CROSS practice their dancing in the MV for “Brand New Smile”

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ROSARIO+CROSS practice their dancing in the MV for Brand New Smile.

Out now, the single is a digital release available on Apple Music, iTunes, and Spotify.

After losing 2 members back in January, ROSARIO+CROSS are going full steam ahead with an all new digital single. It’s unfortunate that they’re down to a handful of members, but if their latest MV is any evidence, we’re in pretty good hands with the new lineup.

In the MV for Brand New Smile, we see the members as they show off their sweet dance moves in a variety of simple scenes. They sway their hips to the right. They sway their hips to the left. They sway those hips all over the place to the beat of the energetic rock ballad.

Yes, we don’t get to see expensive sets but instead we get to see the members out in a field dancing and laughing with each other. There is an additional setting thrown in there with some flashier outfits, which end up being pretty eye catching as the members shake their way through the song.

Is it the best song ever? Not really, but it’s evidence that ROSARIO+CROSS are more than ready to take on the idol world with only 3 members. Enjoy their MV below and throw the video a thumbs up to show your support!

Brand New Smile

rosario cross brand new smile

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