Mano Erina will release her 1st single since graduating from Hello! Project

mano erina

Mano Erina will released her 1st single since her graduation from Hello! Project titled Kakegae no Nai Anata e ~my precious treasure box~.

Out March 19th, the single will be a digital release.

The single is Mano Erina’s first since she left Hello! Project in February 2013. The release date for this single will be tied to the 10 years after her major label debut.

Erina will also hold a live at Zepp Tokyo on March 18th.

With her getting married and moving to Spain, many thought she would stay out of the public eye. Thankfully that is not the case since a Mano return is something that  I gladly welcome.

Back when Mano Erina was in Hello! Project she debuted as a soloist after her becoming part of Ongaku Gatas, and since then her cheery releases have been among my favorites to come out. Some were not too big into her singing, but she has a certain tone that is unique among all other singers.

Here’s hoping those who are fans of her can pick up a copy! Now if you excuse me, I need to go and play Lalala -Sososo- on repeat for a few hours.