GANG PARADE sing to a horned boy in the MV for “Brand New Parade”

gang parade brand new parade

GANG PARADE sing to a horned boy in the MV for their new major debut single titled Brand New Parade.

Out April 17th, the single will be released under the label Fueled by Mentaiko, a label owned by Warner Music Japan.

Brand New Parade will be the ED theme for the NTV series Bazu Rhythm 02.

In the latest GANG PARADE MV, we get to see a touching story of a boy who has a bump on his forehead. Throughout the MV we see the boy and his crush interact in a rather interesting and cute way. It’s a touching story packed with weird effects and an even weirder conclusion.

But, what about GANG PARADE? They appear to be hooligan guardian angels who watch the action from a stack of school desks. It’s an interesting take on the MV but it works nicely with the lively song we get to enjoy throughout.

Will we be getting the same awesome music from GANG PARADE now that they’re going major? Is the new label name “inspired” by the well known punk label Fueled by Ramen? So far, it seems like it’s a yes for both questions.

Check out the MV and grab that single below!

Brand New Parade

gang parade brand new parade cover