ZOC get into fanservice in the adorable MV for “Chu-puri”

zoc family name

ZOC get into fanservice in the adorable MV for their 1st single titled Chu-puri.

Out Aprl 30th, the single will also feature a track titled family name.

After running around the city in the MV for family name, ZOC are breaking out their personal cameras to show off some private videos. No, we don’t get anything dirty, but we do get half a year’s worth of adorable and fanservice-y scenes.

Most of the scenes show off the members getting really close to each other or doing a cute hand pose. It’s a standard idol MV for the most part, apart from the unique scenes we get to enjoy, which are incredibly random. In one scene they’re trying to kiss and in the next one they’re flipping us off. Brilliant.

As the title states, Chu-puri is pretty cute and a rather typical idol song. It does have a bit of an edge to it at times, but it’s mainly an adorable song that will scratch that itch for idol music.

Will it win any awards for most complicated song? Nope, but it’s a nice coupling track to their debut single and one that is well worth a watch!


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