ZOC come back with an intense MV for their 1st single “family name”

zoc family name

ZOC come back with an intense MV for their 1st single titled family name.

Out Aprl 30th, the single will also feature a track titled CHU-PURI.

It’s been a while since we got to experience the awesomeness that is ZOC. Oomori Seiko’s idol group appeared to be just a dream, with us not getting much after the explosive MV for ZOC Jikken Shitsu.

Well, that’s changing with the MV for ZOC’s 1st single titled family name, which is a confusingly awesome title.

The MV for ZOC’s family name is interesting since we don’t have much of a theme apart from the members dancing in a studio and running around a city. There are a few cool scenes though, like the start where Katy puts out a cigarette as she dashes out of the door or the shots where the members transform during the bridge of the song.

It’s a pretty standard idol MV, but the song is far away from average. family name has the same intensity as their debut song, showing off the members pouring their all into each line. The rock instrumental is powerful, sometimes a bit too much at times. However, it works beautifully well to give us a song that fans are sure to adore.

Get ready for an intense MV release from ZOC!

family name

zoc family name cover

cdjapan affiliate

ZOC OHP | Natalie.mu


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