Nogizaka46 become student and teacher in “No You na Sonzai” and trade bodies in “Heikousen”

nogizaka46 sing out

Nogizaka46 become student and teacher in the MV for No You na Sonzai and trade bodies in the MV for Heikousen.

Out May 29th, the tracks are part of their 23rd single titled Sing Out!

After putting on a singing show that rivals the ones on Broadway for their Sing Out! MV, Nogizaka46 are back to show off a couple more MVs from their latest single. Needless to say, they’re both quite entertaining.

No You na Sonzai

This is an interesting one. Most of the MV features Shiraishi Mai and Saito Asuka as they go through some interesting and adorable scenes. Shiraishi Mai takes the role of a teacher who is really into a short-haired Saito Asuka, which should immediately get the attention of those who ship the two.

The modern sound of the song and the vocals of the two work beautifully together. This is an interesting release since it has a touch of idol mixed with an instrumental you would expect to hear in modern songs. It’s honestly the best part of the single so far, and an MV that fans will love.


There have been countless MVs where people trade bodies with someone else. In a rather interesting twist, Nogizaka46 discover that whenever you bump into someone you immediately trade clothes and brains with them. It’s a unique approach to the “trading bodies” idea, and one that makes for the perfect setting for the MV.

When you bump into someone do you also trade underwear? What happens if you bump into an animal, do you trade spots with them? A lot of questions will remain unanswered, but what we do know is that the MV is entertaining and matches well with the ballad sound of the song.

So far, these two MVs are among the most interesting releases for this single, mainly due to the variety of sounds we get. Give each a watch and grab that copy of the single below!

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