BiSH’s Hashiyasume Atsuko has the best music in the party-packed MV for “a la mode”

hashiyasume atsuko a la mode

BiSH member Hashiyasume Atsuko has the best music in her party-packed solo debut MV titled a la mode.

Out July 4th, the single will be released in Limited (CD+DVD) and Regular (CD Only).

Atsuko is one of those BiSH members that has a solid following among fans, but wouldn’t normally be the first pick for solo lines when compared to AiNA, Chicchi, or Ayuni. But, it seems like Atsuko fans are getting their wish for more spotlight with the surprise announcement that she would be getting her solo release.

In the debut MV, we get to see Atsuko as she’s surrounded by her fellow BiSH members and male idol group macho 29 while some party music plays in the background. As she sings about her awesome music, we get to see her go through the MV while she sings between flexing men, over stock footage of people dancing and working out, and  even partying with YU-Ki EMPiRE and MiKiNA EMPiRE.

It’s a party-packed MV and that’s exactly what we get in the song, which has a strong dance sound. It won’t be the song of the year, but Atsuko’s voice works well to match the beat of the song, making for a delightful and fun release.

It’s a fun release and one that works well to show the  world that Atsuko is quite talented at singing. Sure, Ayuni D might have an entire band to herself but Atsuko has a legion of muscled men to pose and stare blankly at the screen while she sings about her music.

Flex down below to the MV and give it a watch!

a la mode
Hashiyasume Atsuko (BiSH)

hashiyasume atsuko a la mode limited

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hashiyasume atsuko a la mode regular

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