Yukueshirezu Tsurezure rock out during a tragic story in the MV for “ssixth”

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Yukueshirezu Tsurezure rock out during a tragic story in the MV for their 6th single titled ssixth.

Out July 3rd, the single will be released in 1 edition.

Yukueshirezu Tsurezure have been through a lot recently, and now that they have a solid lineup they’re continuing what they do best: be awesome. That is easy to see in their latest MV which shows them rocking out in darkness while a story plays on the side.

Most of the MV shows off the members dancing in a dark dance shot, which is pretty typical for the group. But, the story is the true standout of this release. It’s a bit hard to understand what goes on during this part, but a girl appears to be bullied, tied up, and Komachi ends up coming to kiss her. It’s a graphic scene that seems to end bad, but it’s strangely artistic.

Most of ssixth is on the softer side for a song from Tsurezure. The guitars play strongly while the drums pound away, with the bulk of the song having clean vocals. There are a couple of screams thrown in there but they’re mostly at the peak of the song.

It’s an interesting and artistic MV, but one that everyone is sure to adore. Check it out below!

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