LoVendoЯ is suspending all activities


LoVendoЯ have announced that they will be suspending all activities.

Miyazawa Marin’s contract will come to an end at the end of July, the same time that LoVendoЯ is planned to suspend all activities. Marin will leave the group and UP-FRONT CREATE.

This is not surprising at all. If you’ve followed the troubled history of LoVendoЯ then you’re familiar with the multiple departures that have happened in the past years. Uozumi Yuki left to become a freelance guitarist (and also get married and have a kid since then) and then Okada Marina left to do fishing. Since then the group has unofficially carried on with only 2 members.

The group hasn’t released any new music since 2017 and Tanaka Reina has appeared on shows by herself more, leading to many fans already knowing that the group was all but well.

It’s an unfortunate end to Reina’s rock group but one that will hopefully free her up to do more music or at least be able to do more TV and show appearances.

Best of luck Marin and Reina!

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