Shuukan Idol – AKB48 and SNH48 Part Ways, Tomita Mayu Awakens, and More


AKB48 have cut ties with SNH48, Tomita Mayu awakens, plus a weekly dose of idol MVs. That and more in this week’s top 5 headlines!


AKB48 and SNH48 go their separate ways, Suzuki Mariya moves back to AKB48

Without a doubt, the biggest news this week was certainly the mention that AKB48 and their Chinese branch SNH48 were going their separate ways. It seems like a fairly interesting move from AKB48’s part since it weakens their international efforts, but could we see more promotion to compete against SNH48?

Tomita Mayu awakens from her coma

In more brighter news was the fact that stabbing victim Tomita Mayu had recently awakened and seems to be stable. Have a safe recovery Mayu!

Maeda Atsuko goes selfish in the MV for Selfish

With a new album in the horizon, it seems like fans of this former AKB48 member are in for a treat with a more mature styled ballad. Fruit baths? Check. Lots of Maeda? Check. Worth a look? That’s for you to find out.

Niji no Conquistador announce their 6th single

We don’t have track lists, covers, or even any hints about the main track, but Niji no Conquistador have dropped a live performance of the c/w for fans to enjoy. Is it enough to get everyone hyped for this fall? Absolutely.

PASSPO☆ party in Negishi Ai’s wedding for the Bachelorette wa Owaranai MV

In this week’s MV releases there was one track that shined above any other and that honor goes to PASSPO☆. I’m a fan of idols who use rock and they do so while keeping an idol feel to it, so it’s highly recommended!

Honorable mentions:


The review had to be delayed a tad due to something that came up during the week. I expect to have it done by next week once that situation clears up so please look forward to getting a review once that is taken care of.


Slightly busy week with a lot of news coming out, but there was one song that kept me focused during the mornings and afternoons coming back from work (apart from PASSPO’s new song): – Denden Passion

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Thanks for tuning in this week, we’ll see you again on the next one!