Niigaki Risa To Marry Actor Yoshikazu Kotani

Niigaki Risa Kotani Yoshikazu Marriage

Former Morning Musume member Niigaki Risa has announced her marriage to actor Yoshikazu Kotani.

The two met during the 2013 play Zettai Kareshi.

Their marriage is currently planned to take place in July.

It has been some time since we have heard from Niigaki in the music world, with her focusing her efforts mostly in stage plays. And while she might have been busy acting, it’s great to see that Gaki has finally found a partner who she feels she can build a happy home with.

Being a big fan of Gaki’s since I first got into Morning Musume, I have to say I am very happy to see that she is finally announcing her marriage, since many of her former group members like Abe Natsumi and Yoshizawa Hitomi have done the same (still waiting on you Ishikawa Rika).

Congratulations Niigaki Risa and Yoshikazu Kotani on getting married! | Niigaki Risa Ameba Blog