Niji no Conquistador’s Shigematsu Yuka Announces Graduation

Niji no Conquistador Shigematsu Yuka graduation

Niji no Conquistador have announced that Shigematsu Yuka will be graduating from the group.

Yuka mentioned that she wanted to become a doctor, and after passing the entrance exam she decided it was time to revisit that dream.

The graduation will take place this fall on September 10th.

Of course, it’s understandable to see that she wants to dedicate time to her dream. Becoming a doctor is well known as being among the hardest professions and the fact that she passed the entrance exam is a sign that she is destined for success.

With the recent firing of member Nagata Minari, it seems like the group is changing fast with only 8 members left in Niji no Conquistador by the time she graduates.

Despite that we wish the best of luck to Yuka!

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