Fairies Announce New Single “Mr. Platonic”

Fairies Mr. Platonic

Fairies have announced a new single titled Mr. Platonic.

There will be a tour titled Fairies LIVE TOUR 2015 which will take place in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya.There will also be 11 versions of the single:

【CD+DVD】AVCD-16561/B 1,800yen+tax
【CD only (Fairies ver.)】AVCD-16562 1,000yen+tax
【CD only (Ito Momoka ver.)】AVCD-16563 1,000yen+tax
【CD only (Hayashida Mahiro ver.)】AVCD-16564 1,000yen+tax
【CD only (Fujita Miria ver.)】AVCD-16565 1,000yen+tax
【CD only (Inoue Rikako ver.)】AVCD-16566 1,000yen+tax
【CD only (Nomoto Sora ver.)】AVCD-16567 1,000yen+tax
【CD only (Shimomura Miki ver.)】AVCD-16568 1,000yen+tax
【CD+Goods Edition】AVC1-16569 1,111yen+tax
【CD only (Picture label CD only Edition)】AVCD-16570 1,000yen+tax
【CD 7 Disc (Picture label CD 7 Disc set Edition)】AVCD-16571~7 7,000yen+tax


New releases are always fun and this time we get a chance to enjoy a new release from the idol group Fairies. It’s interesting to see that there will be so many versions, but it gives a chance for each member to get a chance to shine alongside a multitude of other options.

We should be getting more details in the coming months but fans who are interested can pick up a copy at CDJapan now before then.

The release date is set for November 18.

Source: OHP | MusicJapanPlus

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