Morning Musume 15’s 60th Single Detailed

Morning Musume 15

Details for Morning Musume 15’s 60th single have been released.

The single will be a triple A-side, with only one track confirmed with that being One and Only, the English theme track for J-MELO. There will be 6 versions: 3 regular versions alongside 3 limited versions, with the limited editions featuring a DVD and the regular editions featuring a random trading card.

This will be Sayashi Riho’s last single with the group with the single being out just a few days before she leaves, so naturally it’s a monumental release for the group in recent years due to her status as one of the main vocalists.

What will the single sound like? We’re not sure, despite a fan reported tracklist floating around the internet we don’t have much to go on but we should be getting an update soon with more details.

The release is set for December 29, just in time for the group as they change their name to Morning Musume ’16 and start a new chapter in their history, so stay tuned for more details!

Source: Morning Musume ’15 CDJapan