Paipaidekami “Watashi no Namae wo Yondekudasai!” MV Released

Paipaidekami Watashi

The MV for Paipaidekami’s Watashi no Namae wo Yondekudasai! has been released.

Fanservice seems to be the main theme of this MV and it’s hard to deny that since the music isn’t exactly the strongest or the main selling point.Sure, Paipaidekami tries, but think of the MV as a gravure video with some music in it.

Is this video for everyone? Of course not, but it’s certainly an interesting look into the more gravure and fan-servicey side of music where bouncing on a beach ball in a bikini, moving your butt against the camera, or getting a full body massage count as an MV.

All being said it was an upbeat song, but a word of caution for those interested in seeing the video … Open the video in an incognito tab.

The release is set for December 16, so make sure to get that copy in if you’re interested!

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