Guso Drop Announce Disbandment

Guso Drop

Guso Drop have announced that they will disband.

The announcement was done through their Twitter where they revealed that they would break up in August.

Their final graduation live will take place in October, although no details have been released yet for the venue and exact date.

This announcement came out of nowhere, leaving many fans surprised that they are already breaking up next month and holding a final live in a few more months after. Unfortunately, we don’t have much info regarding why they are breaking up. All we have is a tweet and members saying they’re sorry for the sudden announcement, which is fairly surprising.

Their concept of violent idols was certainly a unique one, even for today’s standards. In a sea of alternative idols they were certainly on the more punk side, and their last release Painfully violent was a shining example of that.

We wish the best of luck for the members and hope to see them in some other groups in the future. For now, make sure to go to their final live if you’re in the area!

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