Guso Drop “Painfully violent” MV Released

Guso Drop

Guso Drop have released the MV for their track titled Painfully violent.

Out May 17th, the mini album will be released in one edition.

As the title states, this release is among the most calm ballads released by any idol group. Just kidding, it’s pure brutal bliss packed full of head banging, guitar shredding, and punk styled vocals that fans of the darker side of idols are sure to love.

The MV is fairly simple at first, with all of the members standing in front of darkness. Soon we get to see members dancing on stage and also wearing white shirts before being covered in red paint and a suspicious white substance (we all know what it is).

The scenes combine perfectly with the brutal music, helping the MV shine as a true work of art covered in … fluids.

It’s a relief to see other idol groups taking the darker route since we get more interesting mashups. Who knew that idol vocals and punk styled songs were so catchy?

Check out the MV below and grab your copy of the single!

Painfully violent
Guso Drop

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