SUPER☆GiRLS Member Sakurako Kidoguchi Goes On Hiatus

Super Girls Sakurako Kidoguchi

SUPER☆GiRLS member Sakurako Kidoguchi has announced that she will be going on hiatus due to poor health.

Kidoguchi recently missed a group event as a result of her poor condition. Staff talked with her and they decided to have her pause her group activities while she recovered.

As a result of her hiatus, she will not be updating any of her social media, fan mail, or communicating at all to ensure that she is able to recover.

No details were released regarding what kind of condition she has or how long the hiatus will last.

Idols are human, so it’s natural to see some members take some time to recover after getting sick. Of course, we don’t know exactly how long she will be gone but it seems like she is working hard to recover.

We wish her the best and hope to see her on stage soon again!