Itano Tomomi “#Ii ne!” MV Released

Itano Tomomi Ii Ne

Updated: Added covers for the single (Image credit: Shoujotrash)

Itano Tomomi has released the MV for their 9th single titled #Ii ne!

Out May 17th, the single will be released in Regular, Limited A, and Limited B.

As the cheery song plays, Itano keeps on smiling as literally everything around her goes wrong, making this an adorable collection of Tomomi fails.

From messing up her makeup, to picking up a bucket without a bottom (how?), a fun assortment of scenes play as she continues to look on the bright side. #Ii ne! itself is pretty catchy, with a fun retro style that fans are sure to adore, so it’s a treat to watch the adorable situations she gets herself into.

Unfortunately, no track list has been released for the single. But, from the MV alone it seems like we’re in for an amazing release.

Make sure to check it out below!

#Ii ne!
Itano Tomomi

Itano Tomomi Ii Ne Cover Regular


Itano Tomomi Ii Ne Cover Limited A
Limited A


Itano Tomomi Ii Ne Cover Limited B
Limited B


Itano Tomomi OHP

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