BiSH remember the good times in the MV for “I am me.”

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BiSH remember the good times in the MV for I am me.

Out July 3rd, the track is part of their 3rd album titled CARROTS and STiCKS, but is available May 3rd through Apple Music.

Seeing the BiSH members do normal everyday things, is something many of us can’t imagine. The BiSH girls have been in a variety of weird MVs throughout their history. But, this time they’re taking it easy and showing us that they can take it easy sometimes.

Most of the MV shows off the members going through their lives, with Aina caring for kids at a park, Ayuni playing with a band, Chicchi working as an assistant, and Atsuko going to her OL job. It all works beautifully as we see the members remembering a time where they got to all make blue and white dresses to perform together.

You might have noticed the extra girl in the picture above, and you might be surprised to find out it’s Tanaka Makoto who made an appearance 2 years ago in the MV for Promise The StarHer addition here is a nice cameo and a way to add some variety to the MV.

But, what about I am me? It’s actually a solid ballad with a light rock feel in the instrumental. This is not traditional BiSH, but it works beautifully to balance out the MV we got for Tsuinishi.

If you have Apple Music, you can enjoy both Sticks and Carrots now, so check out the links below for that. For those of us who don’t have it, check out the MV and grab a copy of the physical album below!

I am me.

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