Akishibu Project “Dear Best Friend” MV Released

Akishibu Project New World

Akishibu Project has released the MV for their track titled Dear Best Friend.

Part of their upcoming album titled NEW WORLD that was released on February 23rd, this song follows the release of their MV Change the World.

As you might remember from the details for the album, this song is a cover of Fukuda Momoyo’s song with the same title. The original song had an R&B feel to it and the MV is faithful to the original.

With the members singing to their heart’s content while they run around a beach in white outfits, the soft vocals match perfectly as they sing alongside each other.

Of course, the song is the main point and it doesn’t disappoint. With a vocal heavy song paired with a soft instrumental, we get to enjoy their voices perfectly alongside a soft piano that melds perfectly with the scene.

Well worth a look for those looking for a relaxing song to start the day!

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