C-ute’s 34th Single Announced

C-ute 2016

C-ute has announced the release of their 34th single titled Hito Naze wa Arasoun Darou? / Jinsei wa STEP! / Summer Wind.

Releasing April 20th, this single was announced at a release event the group held for their recent album release for Cmaj 9.

There will be 6 editions for this release, 3 Regular editions alongside 3 Limited editions which will contain DVDs.

Apart from continuing the H!P tradition of long single titles, it seems like we’re in store for yet another amazing C-ute single. Despite the title, there isn’t much to go based off of in terms of what to expect but we might get to see some ballads and upbeat idol songs.

We’re just around a month away so we should be getting more info soon!

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