Up Up Girls “Seishun no Namida” MV Released

Up Girls Party People Alien Seven Peace Cover Limited B

Up Up Girls have released the MV for their track Seishun no Namida.

The song will be released on April 5th as part of the B edition of their upcoming single titled Party People Alien / Seven ☆ Peace.

The song itself has a ballad feel that isn’t as party heavy as their previous song Party People Alien, and yet, it’s still catchy and showcases the vocals of the members well.

The MV has the members singing from a variety of places around a busy city, with a black and white filter that shows off their passionate singing to fit the lyrics even better.

Songwise, the song has a nice EDM feel to it, with 8-bit coin sounds and a slight Perfume feel that is sure to have fans of the electronic idol genre happy.

Make sure to check it out since it’s certainly a nice MV for fans of Up Up Girls!