Shuukan Idol – SKE48 Surprise Graduation, Idol MVs Galore, and More

SCANDAL Hello World

This week a surprise graduation from SKE48, details for SCANDAL’s newest single, as well as 7 idol groups releasing MVs including E-Girls, Cheeky Parade, and AKB48.

That and more in this week’s top 5 highlights!


SCANDAL show off the covers and details for Take me out

With the release date fast approaching, this talented girl group has released the covers and track lists for their upcoming single. Is this single worth taking out?

SKE48’s Shibata Aya announces graduation on Nico Nico

To the surprise of many, Shibata Aya has decided to graduate from the group. We wish her the best in her future goals!

Ride into summer with the E-girls in the MV for E.G. summer RIDER

With colorful summer fun, E-girls are here to show off their latest release. Will this be a summer hit or will the heat be too much to handle for this talented idol group?

A new generation starts! Cheeky Parade release the MV for Hands up!

With two members leaving to study abroad, it seems like Cheeky Parade is showing off a new generation for the group with a catchy rock title that is sure to have fans delighted.

BAND-MAID show off scenes from their US tour in the MV for Before Yesterday

While the album might be out since last month, it seems like BAND-MAID are on a roll with multiple tours around the world as well as the latest MV showing off scenes from their lives.

Honorary mentions


This week a lot of stuff has been happening around the world, so it’s time to unwind from the week and enjoy a special two MV feature.

Starting off we kick off with Up Up Girls and their song Appare:

Next up is Morning Musume ’15 with their song Sukatto My Heart:

Thanks for tuning in this week, we’ll see you again on the next one!