Shuukan Idol – BiS is Back, NMB48 MVs, and More

bis final dance

Fairly active week with BiS announcing their comeback, NMB48 showing off two MVs from their latest singles, as well as MVs from lyrical school, Yumemiru Adolescence, and more.

Due to how much news their was we’ll share our top 7 highlights of the week!


Idol is not dead! BiS announce their revival with a new MV for BiSBiS

BiS were the group that got me back into idol music so saying that I was excited for their comeback is nothing short of an understatement. A new album has already been announced and we have a preview of what to expect, welcome back BiS!

> NMB48 score two solid ballads with their Thailand MV for Boku wa Inai and the Sayaka-Miyuki led MV for Ima Naraba 

While ballads might be a tad too on the calm side for me, I have to admit that both releases from NMB48 were strong enough to catch my attention. Boku wa Inai has a nice drama setting while we get a more lighthearted compilation of friendship in Ima Naraba. Both are must see for NMB48 fans!

Kobushi Factory score a home run with their Bacchikoi Seishun! MV

Wearing baseball outfits and dancing to an upbeat song is part of a normal day for an idol, but with a solid guitar instrumental paired with a fun theme it seems like a must see for fans of this idol group.

Yumemiru Adolescence defy gravity in their Leadership MV

Creativity is what I love best, and the fact that Yumemiru Adolescence have a swing styled ballad combined with an angled MV is nothing short of a treat. A must see for any fan – both for the music and visuals!

lyrical school light up the sky in their Summer Foundation MV

With fireworks bursting behind them, the members of lyrical school release yet another catchy idol rap song for fans to enjoy. It’s catchy, bright, and full of fun visuals!

GANG PARADE show their determination in the MV for WE ARE the IDOL

After a unit name change, GANG PARADE debut with a passionate ballad showcasing some interesting visuals of the members as they share a darker side of how they have struggled.

The Queen is back! Utada Hikaru announces her comeback album

8 years. It has been 8 years since we last heard of Utada Hikaru but thankfully the wait is finally over and we have received confirmation that a new album is on its way!

Noteworthy mentions:


With the news that BiS was making their comeback I immediately started listening to some of the older songs to prepare for the epicness that we are in for in a few months.

One song especially stands out to me every time BiS pops into my heads: PPCC

Thanks for tuning in this week, we’ll see you again on the next one!